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My Surprise Book Haul

Hey BookWyrms,

You ever walk in on your kids (toddlers) messing around with your tech, all unsupervised and whatnot? Well, guess who has two new novels and an audio-book?? This girl!

What kills me is I actually remember the day it happened, and the little sneak had closed out of them and had it open to a book I was reading for school. That was about a month ago. The other night I was updating my Goodreads and realized that, apparently, I’m reading a Tom Clancy novel. I was confused… mostly because I’ve never bought a Tom Clancy novel. Welcome to my surprise book haul…

An Amazon Charts bestseller.

A deeply moving story of carrying on even when it seems impossible.

Life is over in an instant for sixteen-year-old Finn Miller when a devastating car accident tumbles her and ten others over the side of a mountain. Suspended between worlds, she watches helplessly as those she loves struggle to survive.

Impossible choices are made, decisions that leave the survivors tormented with grief and regret. Unable to let go, Finn keeps vigil as they struggle to reclaim their shattered lives. Jack, her father, who seeks vengeance against the one person he can blame other than himself; her best friend, Mo, who bravely searches for the truth as the story of their survival is rewritten; her sister Chloe, who knows Finn lingers and yearns to join her; and her mother, Ann, who saved them all but is haunted by her decisions. Finn needs to move on, but how can she with her family still in pieces?

Heartrending yet ultimately redemptive, In an Instant is a story about the power of love, the meaning of family, and carrying on…even when it seems impossible.

Jack Ryan, Jr. is out to avenge the murder of an old friend, but the vein of evil he’s tapped into may run too deep for him to handle in the latest electric entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

While on vacation in Barcelona, Jack Ryan, Jr. is surprised to run into an old friend at a small café. A first, Renee Moore seems surprised to see Jack, but then she just seems irritated and distracted. After making plans to meet later, Jack leaves, only to miss the opportunity to ever speak to Renee again, as the café is destroyed minutes later by a suicide bomber. A desperate Jack plunges back into the ruins to save his friend, but it’s too late. As she dies in his arms, she utters one word, “Sammler.”

When the police show up they are initially suspicious of Jack until they are called off by a member of the Spanish Intelligence Service. This mysterious sequence of events sends the young Campus operative on an unrelenting search to find out the reason behind Renee’s death. Along the way, he discovers that his old friend had secrets of her own—and some of them may have gotten her killed.

Jack has never backed down from a challenge, but some prey may be too big for one man.

Legacy of Lies: A Legal Thriller (Bocephus Haynes Book 1) by [Robert Bailey]

A small-town attorney takes on prejudice and corruption in this powerful legal thriller.

Small-town lawyer Bocephus Haynes comes home late one night to find District Attorney General Helen Lewis waiting for him. Her ex-husband has just been killed. She’s about to be arrested for his murder. And she wants Bo to represent her.

There’s a lot working against them. Just before his death, Helen’s ex-husband threatened to reveal a dark secret from her past. Bo has been in a tailspin since his wife’s death. What’s more, his whole life has been defined by a crime committed against his family, and he continues to face prejudice as the only African American litigator in Pulaski, Tennessee.

Bo’s back is against the wall, and Helen resigns herself to a dismal fate—but a stunning discovery throws everything into chaos. There’s a chance for justice, but to achieve it, the cost might be too much for Bo to bear.

To be honest, I’m actually pretty psyched to read In an Instant and listen to Legacy of Lies. I’m not usually a big fan of audio-books, but hey when your kid spends $20 on something you can’t return because it’s been a month, you make the most of it. As for Firing Point, it isn’t something I would typically read, but I might take a stab at it. Again, I paid for it already. Unless they need to be read in order and then I might have to rethink (Amazon says this is #29). Someone tell me if it’s worth it? Please?

Let’s talk, BookWyrms. What are you reading? When was the last time you picked up a mystery book? Leave me a comment and if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date. Happy reading!

Update to add: Hey BookWyrms, after I wrote this post, I signed on for Amazon’s affiliate program. If you use my links to order your own copies, you’ll be supporting my efforts to be a full time writer. Thanks, guys!

In an Instant

Tom Clancy Firing Point

Legacy of Lies