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Of Cottages and Cauldrons: An Autumn Anthology

Hey BookWyrms,

If you’ve been looking for a collection of short stories to curl up with this fall, then look no further. Of Cottages and Cauldrons: An Autumn Anthology is a lovely book filled with short stories that embody the feeling of warm blankets and brisk walks through the woods. Each story is completely unique, so there is sure to be a story for everyone.

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Spread across three themes, this anthology explores autumn much as the season itself unfolds. There are modern-day stories and magical stories telling cozy tales of autumn life. Lite-horror stories explore the haunted mood of autumn. Dark horror stories delve into the monstrous, playing on the supernatural and dreadful tales we expect as the world becomes gray and skeletal in preparation of winter’s grave grip.

I received an arc (advanced reader copy) of Cottages and Cauldrons from a friend over at Jazz House Publications, and I’m so glad she thought of me. I’m not usually a huge fan of short stories, but the great thing about anthologies is that each story is completely its own. I especially enjoyed “The Kitchen Witch” and “A Mother’s Job.”

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