2021 New Year’s Goals

Hey there, BookWyrms!

I was hoping for a nice, calm holiday season, but chaos has ensued in true 2020 fashion. It hasn’t been bad, really, but it has been a challenge to sit down and think about what I want to accomplish this year. I read some advice to divide my aspirations into two categories; goals I have control over and dreams that I do not. I think I finally have it fairly well broken down, so let’s jump in.

*Next year, I will definitely be doing a recap of how this year goes, but I think it’s safe to say that no one really wants to recap 2020. The important things I did were try on social media and write two drafts of Shenanigans. Also, I read 18 books.

Social Media

Tweet 5x/Day2k Twitter Followers
Insta Every Day500 Insta Followers
Learn Better Newsletter Practices50 Email Subscribers
Get 3-6 Months Ahead on Blog Posts

I can’t control how many people choose to follow me on social media, but I can control how well I make use of the different channels. I believe (I could be wrong, drop me a comment if I am) that to get noticed by the current Twitter algorithm, 15 tweets per day is best. I also believe that this is based on a mixture of original tweets, retweets, and comments. During 2020, I really dropped the ball on social media, so I’m trying to keep my expectations low for myself, so I’m just focusing on 5 original tweets and as many retweets and comments as I can come up with. As I get a better handle on myself, I’ll be sure to strive for even better practices.

While I think I have a handle on blog posts themselves (insert getting ahead by several months so I stop missing deadlines), I still feel relatively new to sending out a newsletter. I try to send one every other Thursday, but I really want to learn more about how to deliver a killer newsletter.


Finish Developmental EditsSign an Agent
Finish Line EditsSign Book Deal
Finish Critique Partnering
Finish Two Rounds of Beta Readers

Basically, my goal is to finish Shenanigans. I have a loose timeline for each of the editing phases, and adding in time off between drafts, I’m hoping that I will have this sucker ready to query by October 1rst! Just in time for Preptober-ing my next book. Believe me, I know how long of a shot it is to finish a book in October and have an agent and publisher by New Years. But hey, I dream big, and these big dreams keep me moving.


My reading goals are fairly simple. So simple in fact that I don’t even need a table to illustrate them. (It has nothing to do with suddenly not being able to format a table and choosing to not use one rather than break my keyboard. I need my keyboard. For the typing.) My goal is to read 25 books this year. My dream is to read 52. I suppose you could say both of these endeavors are completely in my control, but you’d be wrong. I have absolutely no amount of control over how much time I will get to myself on any given day, especially when quarantining with a four year old. Hence only reading 18 books this year.

This year, BookWyrms, I am focusing on the words ‘determination’ and ‘ferocity.’ I will finish editing Shenanigans! I will read more than I did last year! I will grow my author platform with consistent, timely, quality content! Leave me a comment of your own goals for this year, and let’s cheer each other on! If you’d be so kind as to sign up for my newsletter, I’d be ever so grateful! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy New Year’s, BookWyrms!