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Camp NaNo: July 2020

Hey BookWyrms,

Anyone here doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month? For those of you who haven’t heard of it, NaNoWriMo stands for National November Writing Month. Typically, people use the month of November to write 50k words in 30 days, but the organization added ‘camp’ in the months of April and July. The ‘rules’ for camp are a little looser. Just set a goal and meet it.

My goal for the month was to write 50k words and/or finish the first draft of Shenanigans. If you’re following me on Twitter, you know it’s been going really well so far. I’m averaging 1,888 words per day, and I haven’t had a day yet where I haven’t surpassed my daily goal of 1,613 by at least a little.

This week has been incredible, Wyrms. I actually passed the 50% mark a couple nights ago. I’ve written half of a book! Don’t misunderstand, I passed the 25% mark last year, but with everything that’s happened, I haven’t written in over 6 months. To finally be writing every day, meeting every daily goal, hitting real milestones? I’m ecstatic!

I have half of a book. Oh, it’s a giant monster of a mess, but it’s my giant monster of a mess. I’m going to do it, Wyrms! I’m going to finish my draft of Shenanigans this month! … As long as 2020 doesn’t eat me first.